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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Husbands

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On a quest for the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your husband? If your husband loves tools, then why not surprise him with one of these must-have tools for his garage? Picking a gift that he’ll like is important, but choosing one that he’ll actually use is what we’ll help you decide. Start with the decision chart to narrow down your options, then read the tool’s description below.

Tools The Best Valentine's Day Gift For Your Husband Chart

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eTape Electronic Tape Measure 

Tools are getting more and more technologically advanced, and it’s making things a lot easier. This electronic tape measure is changing the look and function of the tape measure, which has virtually gone unchanged for over 100 years!

The digital display takes all the guess work out of measuring. Plus it automatically calibrates to ensure your measurements are precise! This is the perfect gift for your handyman.

$29.95 ( eTape16)

valentine's day gifts for husbands

Cordless Driver with 19-Piece Bit Set

This cordless driver comes with a 19-piece or 20-piece bit set as.. The 8-volt SpeedHex Flipout cordless driver helps you get into smaller spaces! Its head spins 360 degrees, which is perfect for assembling furniture and fixing anything in hard to reach places.

$44.98 (Cordless Driver)

Gutter Robot 

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for husbands, this one takes the cake. Perfect for the rainy months, the gutter robot flips out leaves and muck while you control its movements using a wireless remote from the ground. This tool eliminates the need to reach into a slimy, dirty gutter!

$299.99 (iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot)

Tool Storage

What if your husband literally has all the tools he could ever need? Then he needs storage, of course! Tool storage is a great gift for the tool enthusiast who needs to get (and stay) organized. Depending on how many tools he has, and how much room you have, there are a lot of options for tool storage.

Prices Vary (Lowe’s-Tool Cabinets )


Headlamps are often associated with camping and outdoor activities, but they are also perfect for a hands-free kind of lighting when it comes to being handy around the house.

$59.95 (Fenix HL40R LED Headlamp )

Image Credit: Fenix

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