The Quick Answer To: Are Appliance Parts Returnable?

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So you bought a new appliance part for your washer, dryer, range or refrigerator and it still didn’t fix the problem. What are your options and what are the next steps? Namely, you are probably asking yourself: are appliance parts returnable? The short answer is: it depends.

The general rule of thumb is that if the part is in the original packaging and is in the original condition (read: not installed), it’s returnable. However, if the part was installed, even if for a brief period like in the scenario where the part was installed but did not fix the appliance as intended, an appliance part store will typically not take the part back due to manufacturer policy.

It’s important to carefully read the wording of a company’s return policy. If the return policy states it will accept the item in its “original condition,” that means they won’t accept the return if you have used the part.

Most parts are not returnable once the packaging has been opened. In some cases, the part may be returnable, but if there are any signs the appliance part has been installed, it cannot be returned — especially electronic parts.

are appliance parts returnable?

Are Appliance Parts Returnable? Appliance Warranty Returns

Depending on the brand, a part that is defective can be returned. The customer can submit a request for a “warranty credit” on the purchased part, to the manufacturer in instances where the part is defective. This scenario would not work for other reasons for returning an appliance part.

To submit this kind of claim, you will need the model and serial number of your appliance part and a description of the defect,  all of which are typically required by the manufacturer for warranty returns. Even still, these types of returns are subject to the approval of the manufacturer.

Because most appliance part stores and manufacturers cannot accept returns for appliance parts that were installed (even if they didn’t repair problem) it’s very important to ensure that the broken appliance is diagnosed accurately before purchasing the part.

If you’re not 100% sure that you have an accurate diagnosis of the failed part, you should probably have a professional provide a diagnosis. Especially when you’re dealing with expensive parts like pumps, control boards and motors.

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