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Is Your Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working? This May Be Why…

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When your refrigerator ice maker not working becomes an issue, it can be a real pain. You might not be able to make ice-cold drinks or have enough ice for guests at your gatherings. Not to worry- we’ll help you with your ice maker troubleshooting! Let’s review the most common problems and their solutions and, hopefully, get your refrigerator ice maker working again! Once you get it back up and running, make sure to clean your ice maker for clean, fresh ice!

Troubleshooting a Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working

There are a few common causes of refrigerator ice makers not working, and we’ll cover them in this guide. Follow along, and hopefully, you’ll have your refrigerator ice maker up and running in no time!

ice maker won't produce ice

What Causes an Ice Maker to Stop Working?

The most common reason refrigerator ice makers stop working is due to a problem with the refrigerator’s water supply. If there isn’t enough water pressure or if the refrigerator filter needs replacing, then this could be why your refrigerator ice maker not working.

Other causes include:

  • Water filter – A dirty water filter will also block an ice maker from working. If the ice machine’s water intake is constricted, then it won’t be able to make any more ice. Make sure to change your refrigerator water filter every six months.
  • Water pressure – The refrigerator ice maker needs enough water pressure to work correctly. If your home has low water pressure, the ice maker can’t make ice. Call a plumber if you believe you have low water pressure in your home.
  • Freezer temperature is too high – If your freezer isn’t making ice, it might be because the temperature is set too high. Check and adjust it as instructed in your owner’s manual.
  • Water inlet valve is faulty – One of the most frequent causes of a broken ice maker in a fridge is a faulty water inlet valve. If this valve is damaged, it cannot provide water to the ice maker. The water inlet valve will need to be replaced.
  • Faulty ice maker assembly – An ice maker assembly is a unit that encompasses all of the parts of an ice maker that produces ice. If the ice maker assembly is faulty, ice production will be affected. In most cases, the ice maker assembly will need to be professionally replaced.

There are other potential causes for a refrigerator ice maker not working correctly, as well. If your fridge ice maker won’t produce ice after you’ve tried solving the problem yourself, or the ice maker won’t make enough ice, it may be time to call for a professional refrigerator ice maker repair technician.

ice maker won't make enough ice

Why Is My Ice Maker Not Working But Water Does?

If your refrigerator ice maker is not making any ice, but the water dispenser still works, it’s likely due to a lack of water pressure in the refrigerator. A faulty water inlet valve generally causes this.

For the valve to operate as intended, it requires a minimum of 20 psi. If the water inlet valve isn’t working right or has insufficient pressure, it won’t allow water to flow. As a direct consequence, the ice maker will not make ice.

If the water inlet valve has enough pressure and is receiving power, but the ice maker won’t fill with water to make ice, you may need to replace the water inlet valve.

How Do I Get My Ice Maker to Work Again?

Is your refrigerator ice maker not working after you have tried all the troubleshooting steps? Your next best option is to call a professional refrigerator repair technician. They will be able to find out what is wrong and provide you with the best options for repair.

If you need refrigerator ice maker parts for DIY repairs, Appliance & AC Parts Today provides top-of-the-line refrigerator parts Tampa. Give us a call today to find your appliance parts to get your refrigerator ice maker back up and running!

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