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How to Clean Refrigerator Ice Maker in 5 Easy Steps

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Whether you’re enjoying a quiet beverage or clinking glasses with friends, ice can make a drink a little more special. So much so that running out of ice or bad-smelling cubes can ruin a moment. How to solve these common problems?  Cleaning your ice maker is a good place to start. Follow these simple steps to clean refrigerator ice maker with soap, vinegar, and water. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Clean Refrigerator Ice Maker

Most of us don’t think to clean refrigerator ice maker until there’s a problem. Before we detail our simple cleaning steps, here’s why regular maintenance is so important to proper ice maker function.

Why You Need to Clean Your Refrigerator Ice Maker

Even though it’s tucked away in your freezer, outside forces can affect your ice maker’s function. These common problems can all influence ice quality and production:

  • Ice tastes bad after absorbing food odor
  • Hard water leaves scaly deposits on ice maker parts
  • Ice smells bad from exposure to food odor, mold or mildew

Fortunately, regular cleanings every 3-4 months can eliminate these problems and keep your ice maker clean and fresh. Follow these simple steps to clean refrigerator ice maker with ease.

#1. Unplug the Refrigerator

Disconnecting the refrigerator from its power source will ensure that no ice is produced while you’re working. Our cleaning steps are so quick and effective that frozen items will easily stay cold.

#2. Take Out All Removable Parts

Remove the ice bin, dumping out any accumulated ice cubes. If there are ice maker components that are easily accessed and removed with a screwdriver, remove them for a thorough cleaning.

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#3. Clean with Vinegar Solution

While dish soap and warm water are sufficient, a solution of equal parts vinegar and water may be necessary to remove hard water deposits. Simply dip a clean cloth in the soapy water or solution and wipe down the ice bin and all exterior components. Use a toothbrush dipped in the solution to access hard-to-reach spots like the corners of the ice bin and inside the ice mold.

Wondering how to clean refrigerator ice maker dispenser? Dip a toothbrush in the vinegar solution and clean any reachable components that have contact with ice. This includes the ice tray, inside the dispenser, and the ice chute inside the refrigerator door.

#4. Dry Any Wet Components

Make sure all ice maker parts are completely dry before returning them to the freezer. Any lingering moisture could freeze and crack plastic components.

#5. Reassemble and Restore Power

When all the ice maker parts are completely dry, reassemble any removed parts and replace the ice bin. Restore power to the refrigerator and resume ice production.

If you clean refrigerator ice maker and ice production is still not up to par, it may be time for a professional assessment. Call Appliance & A/C Parts Today for expert assistance finding the right refrigerator parts Tampa!

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