Here, we show you how to install a 4 wire direct cable for your dryer. Read our blog or watch this YouTube video to learn how to do this on your own.

CAUTION: Before you proceed, make sure you have taken all of the following precautions and steps listed here in this screen capture. Working with electrical and skipping any of these steps can increase your chance of fire, injury, electrical shock or death.

Once the preceding measures have been implemented, go to Step 1.

Step 1. Did you implement all safety measures?

How to Install a 4 Wire Direct for your Dryer

Step 2.  Direct wire cable must have 5 feet of extra length.


Step 3. Remove center terminal block screw.

Step 5. Remove neutral ground wire from external ground conductor screw.

Step 6. Connect neutral ground wire and place hooked end facing right of the neutral wire of direct wire cable under the center screw of terminal block.

Step 7. Squeeze hooked ends together and tighten the screw.


Step 8. Connect ground wire – green or bare – of the direct wire cable to external ground conductor screw.

Step 9. Place hooked ends of remaining direct wire cable wires under the outer terminal block screws.

Step 10. Squeeze hooked ends together and tighten the screws.


Step 11. Finally, reinsert tab of terminal block cover into the slot of the dryer rear panel. Secure the cover with the hold down screw.

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