While the quiet hum of the dryer can be considered soothing, there’s nothing calming about a dryer that squeals, squeaks, and thumps. Why is my dryer making noise while running? The drive belt may be loose, creating a screeching sound as the drum rotates. If your dryer makes noise when tumbling, determining the source of the sound can pinpoint the solution.

How to Fix a Dryer Making Noise

Loud, repetitive dryer sounds are usually due to a part malfunction and require a professional repair. However, knowing the difference between normal sounds and a dryer making noise that’s atypical can help identify the problem.

Normal Dryer Sounds

Between the dryer’s motor and motion and the clothes tumbling, it’s normal and expected to hear a dryer making noise to some degree.

The following are considered normal dryer sounds:

  • Low humming: This is the sound of the drum turning
  • An initial squeak: Usually lasts for a few seconds while the dryer is turning on
  • Light thumping: Occurs as clothes are tumbling
  • Steady, low hum: Indicates normal motor function

Abnormal Dryer Sounds

In contrast to the quiet, steady sounds of typical operation, a dryer making noise that’s abnormal is often loud and surprising.

Here are abnormal dryer sounds that indicate a part malfunction:

  • Constant squeaking: These sounds continue even after the dryer has started
  • Consistent screeching or chirping: Can continue intermittently or make a steady sound
  • Loud humming: Sounds louder than typical dryer function
  • Heavy thumping: Comes from the dryer’s internal mechanisms and not the clothes tumbling in the drum

Loose Drive Belt

The drive belt is a thick rubber band that supports the weight of the drum as it spins. To do so, the belt is suspended between two pulleys, one of which is attached to the motor that helps spin the drum. Over time, the drive belt can stretch and loosen from the pulleys. When this happens, you’ll find the dryer making loud screeching noise as the belt struggles to support the drum’s weight and motion.

A loose drive belt is often too stretched to reposition on the pulleys and must be replaced.

dryer making noise

Worn Dryer Drum Roller

Drum rollers are usually in the front and rear of the dryer drum and help support its weight as it turns. These wheel-shaped components have a rubber coating that can wear down over time. When it does, you’ll notice the dryer making loud humming noise or thumping sounds as the drum rotates.

Even if only one drum roller is worn down, all of them should be replaced at the same time.

Damaged Drum Bearing

A dryer making loud squeaking sounds can be attributed to a damaged drum bearing. This bearing also supports the weight of the dryer drum and usually consists of a ball and socket. If the coating around the ball bearing wears down, squealing or squeaking occurs as it moves in the socket.

Wondering how to fix a squeaky dryer when the bearing is damaged? Remove the drive belt and attempt to turn the drum by hand. If it’s hard to turn and the squealing or screeching continues, the drum bearing should be professionally replaced.

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