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What is an AC Filter Drier & When Should it Be Replaced?

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Air conditioners are able to cool your home thanks to a refrigeration system that’s similar to your home refrigerator, only much more powerful. These sealed systems are more dependable today than ever, but contamination still happens, which is why an AC filter drier is so important.

Learn more now about what an AC drier does, when to replace them, and how.

AC Filter Drier Information

Knowing how an AC filter drier works and how often it should be replaced will help save you money on repair service by avoiding a major breakdown before it occurs. Let’s take a closer look at this essential air conditioner component.

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What is an AC Filter Drier?

If a compressor is the beating heart of an air conditioner’s sealed system, then the filter drier would be its liver. It’s used to protect the rest of the system from being contaminated by outside air, debris, or other materials. This is achieved through two functions:

  • Absorbing contaminants like water or acid
  • Physical refrigerant filtration

Even though the cooling system is closed off from the outside atmosphere, water can still make its way inside. Sealed system leaks, motor windings, and trapped air from improper evacuations are all potential sources of contamination.

A working AC drier will absorb and filter out these hazardous materials, allowing the sealed system to function efficiently. If the part is old or defective though, it can degrade the system’s functionality and lead to a pricey repair.

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When Should You Replace a Filter Drier?

Since even a small amount of dirt, water, or debris can wreak havoc on your air conditioner’s sealed system, you’ll need to replace the filter drier whenever the system is opened.

That means if you replace a compressor, TVX, or any other component in the refrigerant system, you should also install a new drier. Fortunately though, compared to other sealed system parts, filter driers are not very expensive.

When purchasing though, make sure to match the specifications from your AC with the part so you’ll know they’re compatible. Keep a close eye on the size of the drier, what type of refrigerant it’s rated for, and be sure to install it facing the right directing.

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Now that you know how an AC filter drier works, you can pick yours up at Tampa Appliance Parts and keep your air conditioner running smoothly!

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