As a safety precaution, and to guard against leaks, a dishwasher won’t operate if the door isn’t properly closed. While it may require just a simple adjustment, sometimes a faulty part can keep the door from closing. How do you fix a dishwasher door that won’t close? The door latch may have slipped out of position or malfunctioned and needs to be realigned or replaced. Here’s how to troubleshoot likely causes and solutions when your dishwasher door won’t close.

Dishwasher Door Won’t Close? This Could Be Why

Before assessing a malfunction, first make sure the dishwasher’s racks are completely pushed in and not blocked by any loaded items. Next, make sure the door isn’t hitting any loose counter screws or the enclosure around it. If your dishwasher door won’t close after these assessments, these faulty parts could be why.

Failed Door Latch

What can cause a dishwasher door not to close? A faulty door latch is often responsible. The latch has two important functions: it holds the door securely closed and activates the sensor that tells the dishwasher to start.

First, check the latch to determine if it’s misaligned. Over time or after a forceful door closure, the latch may have slipped out of alignment and needs repositioning. However, if the latch is in place and still doesn’t activate when the door closes, it likely has a mechanical or electrical failure. In this case, the latch requires replacement.

dishwasher door won't close

Faulty Door Hinge

If the dishwasher door is hard to close, closes crookedly, or makes a squealing noise when closing, the door hinges may be faulty. Each hinge on the bottom left and right side of the door enables it to open and close smoothly and completely. However, if the hinge loosens, rusts, or breaks, the door won’t close properly.

To test the door hinges, close the dishwasher door and press on it firmly. If the door moves, even slightly, the hinges are compromised and should be replaced.

Damaged Door Spring

Door springs work with the hinges to close the dishwasher door smoothly and in line with the door latch. A dishwasher door not closing evenly won’t hit the latch where it should. Consequently, the latch won’t activate the sensor that starts the dishwasher.

Make sure that the spring attached to the hinges is properly secure and in the right place, reattaching it if necessary. A rusted or damaged spring needs to be replaced.

Loose or Broken Door Seal

The dishwasher door seal is a rubber gasket that runs along the door’s perimeter, enabling it to close fully and in line with the latch. It also provides watertight closure when the door is shut, preventing leaks during a wash cycle or if your dishwasher doesn’t drain properly.

However, over time, this rubber seal can loosen and the dishwasher door won’t close because it’s not correctly aligned with the latch. Damage like rips or tears can also affect the alignment or result in leaks. A loose or broken seal needs to be replaced so the door can close properly.

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