Best Temperature to Set Thermostat in Summer in Florida

Best Temperature to Set Thermostat in Summer in Florida

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You may be wondering, “What is the best temperature to set the thermostat in summer in Florida?”

Florida has some spectacular weather, and hot temperatures to follow. Knowing how to use your thermostat effectively to maintain the proper temperature will ensure you have a comfortable environment.

Tips to Finding the Best Temperature to Set Thermostat in Summer in Florida

In order to know what is a good temperature to set your thermostat in the summer, you need to consider a few things. According to the Florida Public Service Commission, there are several ways to help maintain a comfortable temperature, and prevent your air conditioning system from working overtime. Follow these tips and tricks to have a comfortable summer in Florida.

Block Out Sunlight

Closing shades, drapes, and blinds can help block out the sun’s rays during the daylight hours. This is a great way to keep indoor temperatures cooler and help your air conditioning unit not get too overworked. Unless there is a spectacularly cool breeze, keep windows and doors closed to trap in the cool air.

Program Thermostat

There are two methods to consider when programming your thermostat. First and foremost, always have your air conditioning set to “auto,” never on “fan.” If you have ceiling fans, keep them running and program your thermostat to 80-81 degrees. The ceiling fans will make it feel a few degrees cooler and keep utility costs lower.

Second, if you don’t have ceiling fans, program your thermostat to maintain slightly higher temperatures while you are away and lower temperatures when you are inside. A good rule of thumb for what temperature to set the thermostat in summer is 5-10 degrees higher while away and down to 78 degrees during occupancy. Setting the thermostat for 70 degrees can almost double your utility bill, so consider carefully when choosing your desired temperature.

When you have days where temperatures are milder, run the ceiling fans instead of the central air conditioning. Running the air conditioning uses 100 times more energy that operating ceiling fans at medium speed, saving you considerably on utilities.

One important misconception about what temperature to set your air conditioner in summer is that cranking the thermostat way down will cool the room faster. This is simply not true. The air conditioning will be cooling as quickly as it can, regardless of the desired temperature. Setting the temperature very low will result in the air conditioning running longer, not faster. You’ll have better success if you program your thermostat to not allow the room to get too hot to begin with, thus not taking too long to cool back down once you’re inside.

Alternative Indoor Cooking Methods

We like to eat well, even in the summer. However, running your oven will inevitably heat up your home, rendering your efforts with the air conditioning somewhat counter-productive. Consider using the barbecue outside, the microwave, or even setting up a crockpot in the garage or on the backyard patio to prepare dinner. Not running your oven and keeping the cooking heat outdoors will make it easier to maintain a cooler temperature inside.

Air Supply Registers Open

Once you know the best temperature to set your thermostat in summer, you’ll need to make sure the air supply registers are open. Also, keep doors open to allow better airflow through rooms, which will help maintain cooler and more consistent temperatures all around.

Keep Refrigerator Doors Closed

You may not realize it, but your refrigerator can add heat to your kitchen! Although this may seem counterintuitive, the inside of the refrigerator is working hard to stay cool, but the outside of the refrigerator is an indoor appliance generating heat. The longer those refrigerator doors stay open, the harder the refrigerator has to work to keep the inside temperatures cold. Arrange quick grab-and-go items in the front for easy access to minimize the refrigerator doors staying open for longer than necessary.

Dress Cool

Just like we dress for cold weather, learn to dress for warm weather. Lighter fabrics and removable layers can do wonders for beating the heat. You’ll enjoy the fan breeze more and cool down quicker when dressed accordingly. And of course, stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water is necessary for our body to self-regulate and function as it should.

You are armed with strategies to stay cool, set your thermostat in summer to maintain comfortable temperatures, and save money on your utility bill. Now, back to that beautiful, Florida summer! Visit us for all your air conditioning parts Tampa needs.

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