Have you been hearing about the benefits of mini split AC systems? Mini split air conditioning systems are ductless AC systems, which means you can save 20-30% per month on utility costs. It’s no wonder there is such a buzz about these efficient cooling systems.

Benefits of Mini Split AC Systems

How Do Ductless Air Conditioners Work?

You’re probably wondering, “How do ductless air conditioners work?” Ductless AC units, or mini splits, are individual indoor cooling units that are installed in each room. Each unit is only cooling one room, not cooling the entire house from one central location.

Big Energy Savings

So, how efficient are mini splits? Very. One of the benefits of mini split AC units is that they have inverter-driven compressors. These compressors self-adjust speed according to the needs of the compressors without having to shut off completely. Eliminating the need to restart the compressor constantly significantly reduces energy consumption.

Mini splits also don’t lose cold air through leaky ducts. Consequently, this makes the mini split cost to run about 20-30% less on average than a traditional system – great for Tampa residents!

Individual Temperature Settings

One of the most convenient benefits of mini split AC systems is that everyone in the family gets to experience their own kind of comfort. Since each room is controlled by an individual unit, rooms can be set to a personally desired temperature. Therefore, there is no need for one room to feel like a meat locker while another room is sweltering with heat.

Easy Installation

Mini split AC installation is simple, unintrusive, and affordable. Forget having your house torn apart on demolition day! With a simple modification, you can choose where to install each unit, and typically have an entirely new system set up in a single day.

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Better Air Quality

Health benefits of mini split AC systems include improving air quality. The extensive filtration system in each unit eliminates many of the harmful particles contaminating the air you breathe. And unlike duct systems, mini splits are much easier to keep clean.

Reduced Noise

The major components of ductless mini splits are outside the house. Your cooling system may be the rock star of the room, but it operates so quietly you’ll forget it’s even there.

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You may be looking for mini split AC Tampa if you’re remodeling, adding a room, or looking to upgrade to a more efficient cooling system. Contact Appliance & A/C Parts Today for information on our mini split models.

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