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Why Your Air Conditioner Makes Loud Noises When Starting

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Now that it’s warmer most of us have likely been running the air conditioner more frequently. But what if you soon find your air conditioner makes loud noise when starting? We’ll review common parts failures when your ac runs loud so you can stay cool with a quick repair.

Troubleshooting When Your Air Conditioner Makes Loud Noise When Starting

When your air conditioner makes loud noise when starting pinpointing the problem is often half the battle. We’ll cover common parts failures like a worn compressor or failed fan motor for quick and easy troubleshooting.

Worn Compressorair conditioner makes loud noise when starting

An air conditioner’s compressor has the critical job of circulating refrigerant throughout the air conditioner’s coils. As its name suggests, it does so by compressing the refrigerant into a high-pressure gas so it can move through the first phase of coils.

A compressor is continuously working when the air conditioner is operating so it can wear with time. Dust, dirt, or leaking refrigerant can also cause a malfunction. When a compressor malfunctions, it can continue to function, though it will be noisier. Replacing a compressor is a complicated job that should be done by a professional service.

Failed Fan Motor

The fan motor powers the fans that cool refrigerant as it passes through the compressor and expels warm air outside. Without a working fan motor, your air conditioner can’t produce cold air for your home or push out warm air.

Over time the lubrication on the fan motor’s bearings can wear out. In addition, a lack of regular cleanings can result in a buildup of debris that causes malfunctions. When one of these scenarios occurs, you may hear your air conditioner humming inside when operating. A worn or malfunctioning fan motor requires professional replacement.

Damaged Fan Blade

There are usually two sets of fan blades in an air conditioner, one in the front and another in the rear. The front fan blades rotate to generate cool air for the refrigerant while the rear blades expel any warm air.

Often your air conditioner makes loud noise when starting if debris is caught in one of the blades. You may also hear the air conditioner making loud buzzing noise if one of the blades is off balance and brushing against the fan housing. While cleaning the fan blades can solve the problem, if one air conditioner fan blade is damaged the entire fan should be replaced. With the proper supplies, this can be an at-home repair.

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