Nobody wants to listen to a refrigerator that makes loud noises all the time. But knowing how to fix a noisy refrigerator eludes many of us. We’ve got a few tips on how to stop a refrigerator from buzzing that’ll save your sanity and your budget.

How to Fix a Noisy Refrigerator – DIY Troubleshooting

It can get old fast when your refrigerator starts making squeaks, squeals, and grinding sounds. Get back to peace and quiet by following our DIY repair guide.

Evaporator Fan Motor Issue

When it comes to how to fix a noisy refrigerator, a faulty fan motor is the first thing you should check for. The evaporator fan motor blows air over the evaporator coils, which cools the air before it enters the refrigerator again. Access the fan motor and listen to is while it runs to see if it’s causing the noise.

The fan can be obstructed by debris or freezer items, preventing it from moving freely. This makes the fan motor noisy and becomes louder when the door is opened.

If the fan is not obstructed but is noisy, it’s best to replace the fan motor.

how to stop a refrigerator from buzzingFaulty Condenser Fan Motor

The condenser fan motor is usually located underneath the refrigerator toward the back. It helps force air through the coils to transfer heat out of the fridge. However, if the refrigerator runs loud, the motor may be blocked or defective.

Pull the refrigerator away from the wall to check the fan blades. Make sure the fan is not broken nor hindered by debris. Vacuum the back and underneath of the refrigerator to rid of any dust buildup.

If the condenser fan motor is defective and the fan won’t work properly, it needs to be replaced.

refrigerator runs loud

Defective Inlet Water Valve

How to fix a noisy refrigerator gets complicated when it comes to water inlet valves. These electrically-controlled valves open to allow water to flow to the ice maker and water dispenser.

A defective inlet valve will make loud sounds and vibrations when water passes through it. Unfortunately, though, it’s not possible to repair the inlet valve. If the valve is noisy or defective, replace it.

how to stop a refrigerator from buzzing

Compressor Malfunction

The compressor is a key refrigerator component that keeps internal temperatures nice and cold. Although they typically last for years, a noisy compressor may be an indication it’s close to failing. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way for how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor other than replacing the compressor or the refrigerator itself.

If you have a fridge making rattling noises, your compressor may be failing. Compressors need to be replaced by a licensed professional and therefore require service.

DIY steps are great when you can save some money and find a quick fix. For refrigerator parts Tampa you’ve come to the right place.